Digital printing technology replaces traditional printing technology

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
Digital printing machine technology just broke through the bottleneck of textile printing. Digital textile printing technology has made the printing and dyeing industry more technological, more environmentally friendly, faster, and more diversified. According to relevant statistics, the global traditional printing is mainly concentrated in Asia, including China, Southeast Asia and India, accounting for 66% of the total printing volume. China accounts for nearly 30% of the global output in traditional printing, but digital printing still Less than 5% of the domestic printing volume, there is huge room for growth. Today's textile digital printing, the popular elements are changing rapidly, the design is becoming more and more complicated, and the color fastness requirements are higher. With the country's stricter and stricter control of environmental pollution, more traditional printing companies have to face the transformation to digital The printing process is coming up.
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