Digital T-shirt printing machine has become the core equipment of digital printing industry

by:angelacrox     2021-09-08
Why did the T-shirt printing machine achieve such a rapid development speed? Let’s listen to Yanyan’s editor to analyze it for everyone: A: Short process, fast speed, and not restricted by external factors. Since the digital T-shirt printing machine does not require plate making, it is not restricted by external factors and can be processed with pictures. It only takes a few minutes from booting to finished product, so it has an overwhelming efficiency advantage in proofing and small batch processing. Fast printing speed can improve the order response speed of printing processing plants, and it can be the first to receive updates in the industry. Many orders. In this fiercely competitive market, if you want to quickly occupy market share and attract more customers, you must first start with speed. No one likes procrastinating companies. B: The cost is within the acceptable range. With the maturity of digital T-shirt printing machines, it has been generally accepted by digital printing factories and has now become the standard equipment of digital printing factories. Its large-scale application, The scale effect has been formed, so the cost of equipment and ink consumables has gradually decreased. Although the cost of processing with a digital T-shirt printing machine is slightly higher than that of traditional manual printing, it is already within the acceptable range, not to mention its printed effect. , Hand printing is impossible to achieve. C: 3D pattern efficiency The patterns printed by traditional hand printing are very simple. This is due to its inherent defects. The digital T-shirt printing machine makes the impossible possible, and it can not only print complex gradient colors. And other complex patterns, it prints very realistic 3D effects, which greatly improves the added value of printed garments. From the above analysis, we can see that in this era, digital T-shirt printing machines are indispensable for garment printing. Become the core equipment of the digital printing industry.
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