Disadvantages of digital direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
Before the disadvantages of the digital direct inkjet machine, let’s briefly talk about its advantages: environmental protection, printable gradient colors, very low cost of printing light-colored fabrics, can print very complex patterns and many colors, good hand feel, no plate making, etc. The following is a detailed explanation of the shortcomings of the digital direct-injection machine: 1. The high cost of printing dark fabrics has to be said that the high cost of dark-colored (referring to all colors except white) is the reason that the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is still The culprit for not fully popularized, the high cost of printing on dark fabrics can be said to be the highest. There is no one. If you calculate the full size of A4 fabrics, the cost of printing a piece of clothing is about 5 yuan, which is really real. 5 yuan, without any moisture, to say that the cost of direct printing on A4 dark fabrics is two or three yuan. If calculated on a square meter basis, the cost is even more terrifying. The cost of digital direct-injection printing on a square meter of dark fabric is about 80 yuan. This cost is enough to discourage more than 90% of printing factory owners. In a short period of time , This situation will continue forever. Who tells the domestically produced Baimo to be unsatisfactory? Yankee's DuPont white ink has monopolized the textile white ink market at high prices for many years. In order to solve the problem of the high cost of digital direct-injection printing, a kind of nondescript printing has appeared on the market. Silk-screen printing combined with digital printing, that is, silk-screen printing is scratched on a white background, and digital direct-injection printing is performed on it. The printing cost has been reduced and the efficiency has been improved. However, the problem of its fatal flaws and environmental protection is still unsolved. As environmental protection inspections become more and more stringent, it is destined to be a transitional process and cannot last forever. 2. To be picky about the fabric, it must be a fabric containing cotton or natural animal and plant fiber, and the content of cotton or natural animal and plant fiber should be above 60%. The better, if it is a dark fabric, the elasticity should not be too large. If the elasticity is too large, the effect will not be good, and it is easy to crack the white ink. 3. The printing color fastness of dark fabrics is slightly inferior to that of silk printing. The color fastness of light-colored fabrics can reach level 4, which is much better than silk printing. The printing color fastness of dark fabrics for T-shirt printers is slightly worse than that of silk printing. But normal hand washing and machine washing are completely fine, and it is guaranteed to wear for one or two seasons.
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