Disadvantages of digital direct-injection printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The advantages of the digital direct-injection printing machine, so what are its disadvantages? 1. The high cost of ink leads to high printing costs. 2. It is more picky and only suitable for fabrics with high cotton content. 3. The stretching effect is not very good. 4. There is still a gap between the color fastness of white ink and glue. . 1. Higher ink prices. Thanks to the fierce competition among many color paint and ink manufacturers. At present, the price of color paint and ink has been very low, and its printing cost has been the same as that of glue, but the digital direct-injection printing machine is used The best white ink is the DuPont family. Because of its monopoly nature, the price remains high. Naturally, when using a digital direct printing machine to print T-shirts with dark fabrics, the cost is so high that the digital printing process The factory is daunting. 2. Picky eaters are picky eaters, and their mouths are very picky. They like cotton, especially pure cotton fabrics, so if you want digital direct-injection printers to have a good printing effect, it is best to use pure cotton fabrics. In this way, the cost will come up again. , Okay, let's not talk about money anymore. Talking about money hurts feelings. 3. The stretchability is not good enough. The stretchability of the color ink is still very good, but the white ink is slightly inferior. When the fabric is more elastic, the white ink is easy to tear, which affects the effect of the pattern. 4. Color fastness The color fastness of color ink is completely okay, even better than the color fastness of silk printing, but the color fastness of white ink is slightly inferior, although the T printed with a digital direct jet printer The shirt can be worn for one or two years, but I have to say that the color fastness is still slightly worse than that of glue. Hey, the price is 50 times that of glue. Domestic ink manufacturers are not able to overcome the challenge of white ink. If you want to popularize white ink on a large scale, you have to wait for domestic ink manufacturers to develop.
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