Disadvantages of digital leather printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
What are the shortcomings of leather printing machine? If you don't understand the shortcomings of leather printing machine, you can't really buy a good quality leather printing machine. Disadvantages of leather printing machine one: the price is high. Compared with other types of machines, the price of the machine is more than one hundred thousand cheaper and one hundred thousand more expensive, causing many people to stop. Disadvantages of leather printing machine 2: Many existing machines are used in multiple industries. Leather printing machines are used in a wide range of fields. There is no material restriction. The printing of arbitrary patterns directly impacts the inkjet industry, especially the advertising industry. Replaced by this machine, other industries are slowly involved. Disadvantages of leather printing machine 3: The slow printing speed is a very headache in this industry. Although the price of small machines is low, the quantity can not be made. The price of large machines is very high and it is difficult for people to accept, especially imported machines. , At every turn is millions or even millions. At present, Yanyan made new research and development results in 2014 to solve the problem of slow printing speed. It adopts side-by-side printing and multi-nozzle combination. Currently, there is a machine that can print 100 square meters per hour, and the sales price is only more than 500,000 yuan. Four disadvantages of leather printing machines: Cylindrical color printing has not been achieved so far. Products with irregular uneven bodies and uneven areas such as cups, bottles, and uneven areas cannot be printed, and they are now limited to printing on flat products. Disadvantages of leather printing machine 5: The history of the machine is not very long, so the machine occasionally has some unresolved problems, so when buying the machine, the first choice is not the price but the real manufacturer with strength, and first ensure the quality of the machine. . Although there are some shortcomings along the leather printing machine, the development trend and application scope of the leather printing machine are overwhelming. It can be said that whoever owns it first is equivalent to who owns the market first. The so-called preconceivedness!
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