Domestic T-shirt printing machine brands are working step by step, and imported brands are failing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-16
In the T-shirt printing machine market, imported brands are still only a minority, and they are mainly used for personal use. In terms of industrial-grade T-shirt printing machines, they are basically the world of domestic T-shirt printing machine brands. I believe that over time, if personal use of this piece, imported brands will eventually lose out to Maicheng. European digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines are at the forefront of the global digital ink-jet printing industry, and are the birthplace and largest consumer of digital ink-jet printing products. The mature technology and digital ink-jet printing have penetrated into planning, clothing, Textiles in various fields such as home textiles, car decoration, advertising, personalized customization, and online shops. Japan is a big country in digital printer technology, mastering core technologies such as print heads. At first, it was too small for the clothing digital printing machine to look down on the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. However, with the increase in demand, Japan The veteran printer manufacturers began to exert their strength, benefiting from their strong industrial foundation, and finally came later. Under the erosion of the Japanese digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, the early digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine manufacturers in Europe and the United States have disappeared. In China, we have gone through a process of modification -> imitation -> improvement -> innovation, starting from the early Epson refitting small T-shirt printing machines, to imitating foreign ones, and then improving, and now starting to innovate and develop , High-end digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines are still controlled by Japan and Israel. Some domestic digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines have also begun to enter the high-end ranks. The middle and low-end digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines are now domestic T-shirt printing. The world of machine brands.
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