Efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent is the breakthrough point of the digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
Although the digital printing machine has been around for more than ten years, the technology and craftsmanship are basically mature, but there are still some shortcomings. These shortcomings hinder the popularization of the conduction belt digital printing machine. Therefore, if you want a completely environmentally friendly digital printing machine, High efficiency, environmental protection and high intelligence are the core breakthroughs of the digital printing machine. 1. Improving value No matter what product it is, value is the highest standard that reflects the quality of the product. How to realize the value of digital printing machine printing products must first start with pattern and quality. It is disrespectful to the industry that some peers simply and rudely lower the price of their products, and they are also irresponsible to consumers. The most urgent task is to realize the value enhancement of the digital printing products of the digital printing machine. While pursuing more benefits, improve the quality and texture of the products, pay more attention to the design, be patient in the quality, and use more snacks in the texture. This is the effective way from price competition to value enhancement. 2. Waterless printing is under the supervision of the government and the self-control of enterprises, and the indicators of sewage discharge are getting lower and lower. At the same time, it is also the demand of our society. In order to adapt to survival, the digital printing machine must be realized on the road in the future. Printing methods such as low water and no water will be eliminated. 3. The printing speed is facing more and more groups of fabrics, such as clothing, home textiles, etc., and the number of companies requiring printing more than one kilometer in a single order is also increasing year by year. How to achieve fast supply and return orders and satisfy customers in the short term The time required for mass production requires less and less time for digital printing factories. Nowadays, how to increase the printing speed of the digital printing machine is the only solution. Increasing the production capacity makes it easier to hold the hearts of customers firmly. 4. Intelligent production is becoming more and more expensive today, and labor costs have already accounted for the vast majority of operating costs. Digital printing machines focus on the research of intelligent production, help intelligent manufacturing, and strive to develop towards intelligence, which has become the current lead. The main direction of the digital printing machine is to greatly reduce the dependence on hand-made and manual work. At the same time, the unattended production mode of the digital printing machine is slowly realized, and it can achieve the same stability and quality as manual intervention. This is a main development direction of the digital printing machine for the conduction belt in the future.
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