Efficient production of digital direct-injection printing machine helps environmental protection

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The high-end brands in the digital direct-injection printing machine enjoy a good reputation in the industry, and their printed products are mostly used in the production of high-end clothing. At the 2018 Epson Innovation Conference, the silk scarves and clothing output by the Yanyan direct-injection printing machine were also displayed. Wait. In today's cookie-cutter digital direct-injection printing market environment, only with powerful hardware can it become the best choice. In terms of printing quality, Yanyan direct-injection printing machine can maintain high-quality output regardless of the number of batches produced in the factory. The digital direct-injection printing machine uses Epson PrecisionCore micro-piezo print nozzles and a variety of inks suitable for different media to make the printing patterns and colors more accurate. In addition, the range of applicable fabrics is relatively wide. In addition to ordinary polyester, cotton, linen and other fabric types, printing on special fabrics such as silk and chiffon can also be achieved to meet the personalized customization needs of users in China's high-end industries. At the same time, the use of digital direct-injection printing machine technology can help companies create production value against the clock. The printing ink can be directly sprayed onto the fabric to form a digital printing pattern, which will automatically dry and fix after printing, reducing the work flow. The production cycle can be shortened from several months required by the traditional printing method to a week or even a day, and the production efficiency can be improved. In addition, the Yanyan direct-injection printing machine is also very flexible. Designers can still modify and improve the work until the last minute before printing. The operation is simple, avoiding waste of production operations, and helping industry users create more More production value. It is worth mentioning that the Yanyan industrial-grade digital direct-injection printing machine also has the characteristics of green and environmental protection. Compared with traditional printing technology, it can reduce water and electricity consumption by 40%~75%*, thereby effectively reducing resource consumption. Consumption and waste. This is also an important manifestation of Yanyan's active response to the concept of environmental protection. It implements the concept of environmental protection in all aspects of production and operation. In all business activities, it strives to reduce the environmental load, insists on innovating productivity, amplifying competitiveness, stimulating expressiveness, and enhancing environmental protection.
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