Epson 4720 print head is cost-effective and will surely detonate the digital printing machine market

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
Digital printing machine market. The front of the Epson 4720 print head is the same as the Epson 5113 print head. The nozzles are arranged in 4 pairs of 8 columns. Each column has 400 nozzles. There are 3,200 nozzles in each print head. Therefore, the printing speed is comparable to that of the 5113. The basis for large-scale use on board. The print head of this digital printing machine is also a generalist. Compared with 5113 which can only use dispersion ink and paint ink, 4720 is a corrosion-resistant print head. It is suitable for water-based, oily, solvent, uv, paint, sublimation, etc., basically At present, all inks on the market can be used not only in digital printing machines, but also in UV printers. From the picture above, we can see that the back of the Epson 4720 print head is improved compared to the 5113 print head, and it is convenient to use the plug-in ink sac. The above picture shows that the interface of the 4720 print head is not used with the 5113 print head, and there are two fewer needles. With its wide adaptability to ink, coupled with low prices, the emergence of Epson 4720 nozzles will surely cause a storm in the digital printing machine market. Today, the first digital printing machine equipped with Epson 4720 print head has been sampled in Yanyan, and it is expected to be available soon.
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