Epson print head leather digital printing machine is more cost-effective

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
The biggest feature of the leather printing machine is its low price. The most expensive one is more than 100,000, and the cheapest one seems to be more than five or sixty thousand. For a part, you don’t want to invest too much at the beginning, but want to try your skills. And if the output requirements are not too high, it is basically suitable. To be honest, the accuracy of the Epson nozzle is still possible, because it is 3.5PL, which means that its accuracy is quite high. Basically, the nozzle is only in terms of effect. It’s the highest precision one. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it can achieve photo-level precision, but as the saying goes, everything has two sides, both advantages and disadvantages. When buying a machine, the manufacturer may have introduced a good one, emphasizing its accuracy, printing effect, and perhaps the biggest disadvantage is concealed. When you think that you have spent the least amount of money to buy a high-precision leather digital printing machine At this time, you may be disappointed at this time. Yes, the accuracy is OK. When a batch of orders is received, and the leather fabrics provided by the customer for this order are dark, and they are ready to complete this batch of orders with high quality, Only then did I find that the speed of the Epson print head leather printing machine was a bit slow. Seeing the leather printer running, I still felt that I still couldn't keep up with my ideal speed. Indeed, if the leather digital printing machine with Epson nozzles is used to print UV, its speed is indeed a bit slow, but when using the leather printing machine with Epson nozzles to print light-colored leather fabrics, its advantages are reflected. An Epson fifth-generation head, It can easily print more than ten square meters in one hour. Three Ricoh G5s can't reach this speed in one hour. Moreover, the fabrics for leather printing are mostly light colors. Therefore, in such a comparison, the price-performance ratio of Epson leather printing machines is quite high.
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