Evolution history of dark cotton garment T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
T-shirt printing machines followed, and in about two thousand years, Europe and the United States realized by converting EPSON printers into flat-panel cotton digital direct-injection garment printing machines. When the large-scale production was around 2004, small-scale direct-injection T-shirt digital printing machines based on Epson R1800 and Epson 4880C began to appear in major printing equipment exhibitions in Europe and America this year. But there were only two or three companies at that time, and because the ink stability and color saturation were relatively poor, they had been in a tepid state. The industrialization of the cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is the color digital direct-injection machine and the brother's digital direct-injection garment printing machine. Epson also followed suit to get a share of the pie. With the gradual stabilization of the ink, the saturation of the color and the perfection of the white ink technology, this digital direct-injection T-shirt digital printing machine of pure cotton began to erode the position of handicraft flowers. However, the pure cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines produced by these companies have a common problem. The prices are too expensive. At the time, they were only suitable for high-end personalized clothing printing customization. Thanks to the mature ink and technology, some pure cotton in China Digital direct-injection garment printing machine manufacturers have finally thoroughly studied EPSON 4880, EPSON R1800 and other models. The effect can be compared with brothers and Epson, but the price is only the price of these pure cotton direct-injection T-shirt digital printing machines. A fraction. By the year 10 or so, with the stimulation of the demand of the European and American personalized clothing market, coupled with the fact that China’s pure cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine has fully understood Epson modified machines, Guangzhou and Beijing have done relatively early flat panels in China. Printer companies began to develop their own boards to provide a full-scale solution for the industry. So far, large-scale flat-panel cotton digital direct-injection garment printing machines and cloth digital printing machines have begun to explode in China.
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