Features and advantages of cotton digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
The digital printing machine has the characteristics of wide compatibility with fabrics, no need to make a plate, can print complex colors, what you see is what you get, low MOQ, full-color images, etc. It is also environmentally friendly and non-polluting, fast proofing of finished products, rich printing colors, and printing. Gradient color, the editor of Yanyan will introduce it in detail below: Features of cotton digital printing machine: 1. The cotton digital printing machine is practical for arbitrary materials, and the compatibility is extremely common. 2. No plate making, fast printing and low cost, all kinds of input software can be used, and the cotton printing machine supports all kinds of file formats. 3. Equipped with professional color management software, color can be changed anytime and anywhere. 4. One-step completion, what you see is what you get, to meet the needs of quick sample and product production. 5. The unit price starts from printing, and a large quantity can be matched with template printing, which saves time and effort. 6. The full-color image is completed at one time, and the progressive color is complete to reach the quality of the photo. The positioning is accurate, and the waste of the cotton digital printing machine is almost zero. 7. Make high-quality goods without professional skills. Advantages of the cotton digital printing machine: 1. The printing step is complex and easy to understand. The cotton printing machine does not need to be steamed and washed, and does not require various types of tools and materials required for printing. Using cotton digital printing machine technology, only a computer is needed, and a machine operator can stop the printing operation completely and independently. The experience of the machine operator is not high, and only complicated picture processing software is required. 2. The speed of proofing and publishing is faster. The technology of the cotton digital printing machine does not require plate making, no film, only pictures, and the results can be seen within a very minute. Unlike the traditional printing process, book publishing and digital printing are greatly improved. The task effectiveness of proofing. 3. The pattern printing is rich and colorful. The traditional printing method, the cotton printing machine does all the color proofing according to the picture, and then transfers it. The Yanyan cotton printing machine can print directly, which has found new profit increase points for customers.
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