Five indicators to measure the quality of digital printing machine ink

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
Digital printing machine ink can not only extend the life of digital printing machine nozzles, but also show better color saturation and washing fastness. For high-end printed clothing, reliable quality digital printing machine inks must be obtained. How to choose high-quality digital printing machines ink? What basic elements should it have? Next, Yanyan’s editor will answer the five indicators for measuring the quality of digital printing machine inks: 1. Saturation The color saturation of the ink determines the color saturation of the final pattern. The ink with high saturation is used The patterns printed by the digital printing machine must be brighter and brighter. 2. Fluency The nozzles of digital printing machine nozzles generally have certain specifications. The ink particles are too large and the fluency is not good. After long-term production, it is easy to cause nozzle blockage and affect work efficiency. Therefore, choose ink At this time, try to choose ink with a particle size below 1um! 3. Environmental protection, non-toxic, safe, and non-flammable are the conditions that need to be paid attention to when selecting inks for digital printing machines. Otherwise, no one will dare to wear the printed clothes. 4. Washing fastness uses inferior ink. After the clothes are exposed and soaked, the printed patterns will easily fall off, which affects the appearance of the clothes. Therefore, when choosing inks for digital printing machines, priority should be given to inks with high light fastness and wet fastness! 5. Stability The ink is stable enough, good washing fastness, dry/wet rubbing fastness, light fastness, bright colors, used for cotton, linen, wool and blended fabrics, direct jet printing, after jet printing The fabric feels soft.
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