Five unique skills of the oval digital garment printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
The five unique skills of the garment printing machine are listed one by one. Stunt One: The workstations can be customized, the quantity can be as little as possible, and the printing speed is fast. Adopting a scraping head-oven-cooling linkage mode, the glue can be used in a wide range, and various glues and special inks such as water slurry, glue, ink, thick plate, drawing, foaming, etc. can be used. One machine can print multi-color glue, or one machine can be used as multiple production lines; it only needs 3 people to operate it to produce, which improves production efficiency and speeds up capital recovery. Stunt two: no chain transmission, high precision of the set position. Yanyan’s elliptical digital printing machine has long abandoned the chain transmission structure and adopts a chainless transmission method to increase the stability of the equipment and prolong the life of the equipment. The technology is advanced, mature and stable, and the accuracy of the garment printing machine's positioning accuracy is within ± 0.02 mm, which effectively improves the good rate and improves the printing quality. Stunt Three: The machine has good versatility and easy operation. Both large and small screen frames can be used universally. The company's original machine screen frames or hand-printed screen frames can be used; large pieces and ready-to-wear printing are not restricted; the screen frame adopts a unique four-point fixing method, so that the net is wiped without removing the net to ensure the cover Position accuracy and stability; cooling station effectively reduces water-based glue plugging. Stunt four: It can cover almost all garment printing techniques. This type of garment printing machine can add other process equipment such as digital printing, electrostatic flocking machine and pressing machine, so as to realize the combination of multiple printing processes. Stunt five: low energy consumption. This type of oval digital printing machine consumes 1/2 of the power consumption of the same printing machine; the drying equipment can control each lamp individually, and the energy consumption is not easy to waste. It is suitable for large and small printing area. Xiaobian Jia Yanyan's WeChat discussion exchange.
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