Flat T-shirt printing machine is suitable for making garment pieces printing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-10
T-shirt printing machine is also the easiest digital printing equipment to use. For novices who have never used a flat T-shirt printing machine, how to perform the operation and the printing process is a problem they are more worried about. Today, one of the few manufacturers in the world that integrates the Ru0026D and manufacturing of digital textile printing machines and digital textile printing inks-Yanyan is here to share with you the operation process of the flat T-shirt printing machine: the operation of the flat T-shirt printing machine The principle is actually very simple. It mainly includes 5 steps: image processing, pre-treatment liquid spray, ink filling, direct printing, post-processing fixation and so on! 1. First of all, when processing the picture, pay attention to the impurities in the picture must be cleaned. In areas prone to chromatic aberration, fine-tuning and processing should also be carried out to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the picture, so as to ensure that the pattern is printed later. The accuracy achieves the desired effect. 2. Next, it is time to spray the pre-treatment liquid. You can use professional spray coating equipment or electric watering cans to treat the cloth, and spray the pre-treatment liquid evenly. It should be noted here that the pre-treatment liquid for pure color fabrics is different from the pre-treatment liquid for dark fabrics. The pre-treatment liquid for light-colored fabrics is used to increase the vividness of the pattern, and the pre-treatment liquid for dark-colored cotton fabrics is used to make The white ink can be firmly absorbed on the dark cotton fabric, so you must choose the right product. 3. Before printing, check whether the ink of the flatbed T-shirt printing machine is sufficient. If the ink is insufficient, refill it in time. If the remaining ink in the ink bottle is too little, the ink will suddenly run out in the middle of printing, which will easily cause defective products. 4. After that, we can place the fabric on the jetting workbench of the flat T-shirt printing machine, start the printing process of the T-shirt printing machine, the nozzle will spray the pattern on the fabric, and the entire printing process takes less than one minute. 5. Finally, it is the color fixation process. Yanyan reminds me: color fixation also has a certain trick. Too high temperature can easily cause damage to the fabric. If the temperature is too low, the color fastness is not enough, and the time is too long. It will cause damage to the fabric. If the time is too short, the printing is easy to wash off, so the temperature must be mastered.
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