Four advantages of Xiangyu digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-23
What are the advantages of digital printing machines? A. Technical advantages Yanyan is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can produce a full range of direct-injection printers such as flat-panel direct-injection digital printing machines, cloth digital printing machines, UV printers, etc., and has obtained national high-tech enterprise recognition and a number of patent certificates. , Ru0026D and technical strength have reached the international level, in a true sense, to provide customers with overall services and support for digital printing. B. Speed u200bu200badvantage Yanyan conducts in-depth research and development based on customer needs. There are four series of industrial-grade high-speed digital printing machines for cloth rolls, T-shirt pieces, sweaters and scarves, and home textiles, which can be applied to textile printing and flags. , Home, personalized design and other related fields, can realize various printing speed customization between 50m2 and 400m2, which can meet the different needs of digital printing proofing, digital printing on-demand production and digital printing mass production of different printing customers. C. Quality Advantages The various digital printing machines produced by Yanyan have guaranteed quality and stable performance, which not only guarantees the production capacity, but also reduces the production of printing waste! D. After-sales advantages Yanyan has established a complete after-sales service process and provides professional after-sales service. After purchasing the Yanyan machine, there will be special personnel for you to train, so that you can get started as soon as possible and increase production. When the machine encounters a malfunction, you can contact the after-sales personnel to report the problem, and our company will coordinate and send a special person to guide and deal with you as soon as possible to ensure the orderly progress of production! Why choose Yanyan is not only because of quality, because of productivity, because of technology, but also because of trust!
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