Four Factors Affecting Ink Inkjet Volume of Cotton Digital Printing Machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-10
How can the ink of the digital printing machine run out so quickly? To solve the problem, it is necessary to trace the factors that affect the ink consumption of the cotton printing machine step by step. Below, please listen to the detailed analysis of the editor: the ink consumption of the cotton digital printing machine when printing images is difficult to have a fixed value. For example, when the embossing machine prints a pattern of one square meter under 80% color coverage, the ink consumption will usually be about 12 milliliters. Under the normal printing image condition, the ink consumed is also About 10ml, of course, this value is only for user reference. 1. From the analysis of printing accuracy, we all know that the higher the printing accuracy of the cotton digital printing machine, the better the printing effect and the smaller the amount of ink consumed. Therefore, we should pay attention to the printing form when using the cotton printing machine. Under the circumstances, 4PASS or 6PASS can be used when printing. Of course, the details have to be determined according to your actual situation. Take the Yanyan 5113 print head cotton printing machine with 4pass 50 square meters per hour, the ink consumption is relatively small. 2. The inkjet volume depends on the color coverage. The color coverage of different colors is different, and the ink volume of the cotton digital printing machine consumed is also different. For example, the same is a wide-format printing, if the color is 100% Comparing the coverage rate of 10% and the coverage rate of 10% of the color, the ink consumption of the former will inevitably be relatively large, which is only one aspect of the factor in between. Another factor is that it also depends on the print quality or pixels you want to complete. For the same picture, if you set the higher the accuracy, the lower the ink consumption will be. On the contrary, the lower the accuracy, the lower the ink consumption. Will be bigger. This is because each brand of cotton printing machine has some differences, let's not get too entangled. 3. Questions about waste ink during printing. Waste ink is scrap ink and cannot be recycled. Under normal conditions, the amount of waste ink on a cotton digital printing machine has a lot to do with the stability of the machine. The biggest source of ink is the cleaning of the nozzles. Every time the nozzles are cleaned, a lot of ink waste will be formed. If the cotton printing machine is stable enough and clogging is not frequent, the amount of waste ink that occurs will naturally be reduced. It can be seen how important it is to choose a good nozzle and how important it is to maintain the nozzle. 4. Mature Epson print heads. In general, Epson's 5th generation heads and 5113 print heads are produced by Epson. Epson print heads in the world are still relatively mature, and the problem of nozzle clogging is relatively small, and its ink consumption It is also within the normal scale, so customers can use it with confidence.
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