Four suggestions for purchasing leather digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
Which leather printing machine is better? There are many main points for choosing the correct leather digital printing machine, especially now that large and small manufacturers are established. If you want to choose the most favorite and most practical machine among many manufacturers, there is a lot of knowledge. To know which flatbed printer is good, you need to pay attention to the following points. Please keep in mind the following. First, do you already know something about leather digital printing machines? What stage did you understand? Is your product really suitable for color printing with a leather digital printing machine? Here I will tell you an example, 'There are several customers who make color pages and leaflets. They asked me if the machine can print directly on the paper. I said yes. How much is your machine? I will follow The customer said, what is the selling price of your color page? What is the cost of one square meter of our machine? Do you know? Answer: I don't know. I said, the cost of our machine is 3-5 yuan per square meter. Your printed product The selling price is definitely lower than this price, so would you choose to use this machine to process color printing?” This is a dialogue between me and the customer, so before purchasing a leather digital printing machine, you must make sure whether it is really suitable for you. product. Second, inspect the leather digital printing machine on site. The machine has been determined that it can print and is suitable for processing by yourself. The second step is to choose a leather digital printing machine manufacturer for on-site inspection. Choosing a manufacturer is a very critical step. It cannot be a distributor, an agent, or a newly established manufacturer. Why can't you choose these? Distributors and agents are unable to give a real price, especially in direct comparison with digital leather printing machine manufacturers. However, small manufacturers that have just been established or those within 4 years are immature in terms of core technology. You should have a general understanding of this before you go. After determining the manufacturer, inspect the strength and scale of the digital leather printing machine manufacturer, so as to directly know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Third, price is not the biggest factor in determining purchases. After deciding on two or more leather digital printing machine manufacturers, most of the customers are comparing prices and choosing which one has the advantage, in fact, this is not correct. Why do I say that price is not the biggest factor in buying a machine? If the manufacturers have the same strength, then the comparison is the performance of the machine itself. If the leather digital printing machine manufacturers have the same strength and the machines are similar, then the comparison is the after-sales service. Price can only measure products, not services. A good manufacturer's service will bring you invisible wealth in the later stage that is invisible in the previous stage. Fourth, after-sales strength and technical support. This is the final stage, so we will decide on this one. Let's take a look at the strength of the digital leather printing machine manufacturers. If a manufacturer is not large in scale, and where you and I have an office, 80% is a lie. How can you get an office if you don’t have a large scale. The number of technical personnel and technical strength can be clearly seen during inspection and proofing, and it can also be inferred based on the time of the leather digital printing machine manufacturer in the industry. The above points are the main points that I have to pay attention to when purchasing the machine. I would like to understand what is not mentioned. Which leather digital printing machine is the best and the best way is to go directly to the manufacturer and print it on the spot. The sample depends on the effect.
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