Garment digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is an ideal environmentally friendly printing solution

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
Although the T-shirt printing machine is not as efficient as manual printing in mass production, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and it can make up for its low efficiency through the advantage of quantity. Coupled with the continuous upgrading of technology, the efficiency will not be repeated in the future. It is a shortcoming, so the digital direct-injection garment printing machine is a more perfect garment printing solution. Traditional manual printing pollutes clothing printing is mainly carried out on pieces of pure cotton weft-knitted fabrics or ready-made garments. The printing process generally avoids dyes and paint printing is preferred because dye printing requires complicated processes such as steaming, washing, and drying. It consumes high energy and produces a lot of sewage, and the shrinkage rate of cut pieces or garments after water treatment is not easy to control and difficult to shape. The digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine only needs to be dried and fixed after printing. The production cycle is short, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it is not restricted by fiber varieties. At present, knitted garment printing mainly adopts digital direct-injection garment printing machine and glue printing process, accounting for about 90% of the total output! Pigment printing relies on transparency of water-based resins and pigments to print on white or light-colored fabrics with a digital direct-injection T-shirt printer, glue printing is to use hiding pigments to print on various color fabrics to show colors, clothing printing The special printing with special visual effects is also unmatched by dye printing, and the environmental protection and color fastness of the printing meet the relevant national standards. Advantages of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine: 1. Short production cycle. The way to receive the printed pattern or image can be through various digital transmission means such as U disk, without pre-press processing such as color separation processing and screen making. Digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines with 2-4 industrial-grade nozzles can generally meet the printing requirements; 2. Bright colors. The printing color of the digital direct-injection garment printer can reproduce almost any color in nature; 3. The printing accuracy is high, the sense of layering is rich, and the scene effect is realistic; 4. The environmental protection, the printing process does not produce sewage, and can be personalized production; digital direct-injection T-shirt As a new high-tech in the international development, the printing machine makes the printing production response faster, more flexible, short process flow, and improved efficiency. It is used in the printing of high-precision patterns or images such as ultra-fine lines and dots, color gradients, and moiré. With unparalleled advantages, it can achieve low energy consumption and pollution-free production in technology. The national '13th Five-Year Plan' will put forward higher energy saving and emission reduction requirements for the printing and dyeing industry. Digital direct-injection garment printing machines have become textile and garment printing. The development trend of the industry.
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