Garment digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine makes it possible for garment design to be unconstrained

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
The emergence of the T-shirt printing machine solved this shortcoming in time, making it possible for the fashion designer to design in an unconstrained manner, and to make the clothing designer’s products available in a relatively short period of time, if it was printed by hand before In the age, it is almost impossible to accomplish. Digital direct-injection garment printing machine is a textile printing technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. In the 1990s, with the application of CAD technologies such as electronic color separation and color matching in the textile dyeing and finishing industry, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries successfully transplanted digital direct-injection printing technology for paper onto fabrics. my country's digital direct-injection printing T-shirt printing machine has also developed rapidly in recent years, and this technology has been widely used in mulberry silk printing in Hangzhou, Shandong, Beijing and other places. As the plate-making process is reduced, the production cycle is greatly shortened, and the requirements of individualization, small batch, and fast delivery can be met to the greatest extent. Digital direct-injection garment printing machine inputs digital technology processing images into the computer, after editing by the computer printing color separation system, the inkjet printing system is controlled by special software, and the special ink is sprayed directly onto the silk. The digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine technology does not require processes such as color separation, drafting, plate making, screen making, color matching, and sizing. After processing the image input into the computer, it can be printed, and the production is not limited by quantity or length. The digital direct-injection garment printing machine technology greatly improves the clarity and color changes of ordinary printing. The resolution ranges from 360dpi to 144dpi, and tens of millions of colors can be matched, which greatly enriches and satisfies the requirements of users for various fabric varieties. The disadvantages of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine and quarter-color printing in collaborative production of digital jet printing are low output and high cost. The sample rate of the reader is a difficult problem that needs to be solved urgently. This subject is included in the National Science and Technology Research Rolling Plan. Researchers use the common platform of digital jetting and four-color collaborative printing and color separation system, and use CAD/CAM collaborative color separation software, key parameters and synergy of production processes, and jetting. The matching application of printing ink and special dye for four-color printing is organically combined to realize the rapid proofing of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine and the large-scale, low-cost, low-pollution and high-quality processing and production of four-color printing. The design and production of jacquard and printing of silk products with digital direct-injection garment printing machine technology has become a research and development trend in recent years. With the continuous development of this technology and the expansion of the application range, more and more pleasing products will appear in In front of the world
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