golf companies target the masters to get max exposure for new products like these

by:angelacrox     2020-07-08
The masters are not just the first major event of the golf year.
The annual tour of Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia has brought more attention to the sport-
Surprise, surprise-
Companies eager to add exposure to their latest golf products.
The visual effect of Augusta National Golf Course is a clear sign that we are doing our best: it is almost impossible --
Lush, colorful cuckoo, Magnolia Lane elegant environment, the solemn oak tree behind the clubhouse, is the most popular gathering place.
For those Northeast People who eagerly embrace the beginning of spring after the cold winter, the images from the Masters are particularly tempting.
So it makes sense for many companies to try to schedule a new product launch ---
From clubs and teaching aids to shoes and clothing-
With the hype of celebrities.
No direct contact.
But the campaign, which began in early April, always raises awareness.
Here\'s a sample of some of golf\'s coolest or most notable new products, as our collective excitement was built in anticipation of the first major product of the season: CRIQUETCriquet\'s \"green jacket\" is as bold as what you see outside Magnolia Lane.
OK, it\'s actually 100% Turkish towel cloth, so it\'s more like a bathrobe than the official green jacket at Augusta National Park.
But there is no doubt that this is a classic moment. -
If you can do that-
Versatility from the pool to the clubhouse.
For those who are not familiar with Austin, Texas, Chris Quette
S. -based companies are entering the golf industry with their simple technology. going style.
Founded in 2010, Criquet draws inspiration from past iconic shirts and looks at the classic country club style with fresh eyes. Case in point --
Can\'t see more than Master
Inspired shirts recently released by the company.
They were in 86.
Imagine the classic yellow shirt Jack Nicklaus wore in the last round of the historic victory of the 1986 Masters, while the Augusta Green player shirt perfectly captures the company\'s cool, casual and classic style.
Champion PiviXWith has a new golf season with us, which is a good reminder that it may be time for golfers to change their DingTalk.
PiviX is designed to provide the best traction during the entire rotation of the swing, providing better stability, feel and balance.
In April, consumers were finally able to win the lightweight, low-key spires worn by defending champion Jordan Spitzer in a $2015 win. S. Open. (
He\'s Texas governor point orange)
FOOTJOYFootJoy is the best
Selling shoe companies in golf and freestyle is one of the reasons.
Some players benefit from structurally stable shoes that will keep their lower body quiet.
This shoe is for others who need greater freedom of movement throughout their golf swing while still gaining superior traction, mobility and comfort.
The picture shows limited edition freestyle, which entered the retail market with a very limited supply a week before the Masters-
Only 5,000 is provided.
With a little green, of course.
From the Pacific Northwest, Simo golf is known for its fashionable craftsmanship.
Head covers hand-cut and sewn in Oregon using Scottish premium wool.
Their products can be found in some of the top golf shops in the United StatesS. --
Like Banton dunes and cobblestone beaches.
Latest arrival in Seymour--
Named after the founder\'s Irish Terrier-
Derived from the cooperation of the outdoor lifestyle brand Mossy Oak, it is therefore an iconic camouflage.
For golfers who like to cover the more traditional look of the bat, go find a master --
Taste of Hunter Wallace Gutan.
Mickelson\'s driver--
Callaway New XR 16 zero--
It will be in your bag soon.
Mickelson has been playing at the club since January, designed for better players to reduce their rotation and has reappeared this season.
One of the keys to reducing spin (
And longer drives)
It is the lightest crown ever produced by the company, allowing to lower the center of gravity.
The club will eventually open to the public on April 15, five days after the final round of the Masters.
This is also a Tax Day, which provides a good excuse for using most refunds.
Bonobos maid has launched a new-and-
Its popular Highland pants and short improved versions. The water-
Stretch-resistant fabric is two ounces lighter than it used to be, meaning it\'s more comfortable and breathable during the hottest days of the golf course.
In addition to pants and shorts, Maide has introduced a new range of floral print flatiron polo shirts that are perfect for spring and summer seasons.
Yes, shorts and short sleeves are always an obvious sign of a warmer weather.
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