Heat transfer sticker

Thermal transfer heat transfer is a new type of printing process.
Flat heat transfer and three-dimensional heat transfer. Flat heat transfer also includes: offset heat transfer sicker, 
swimwear heat transfer sticker, pearl heat transfer, South Korea bright heat transfer sticker, South Korea matte heat 
transfer sticker, gold / silver heat transfer sticker, washed label heat transfer Crystal Symphony Heat Transfer, Sports Logo Heat Transfer, etc.

Three-dimensional heat transfer includes:
Foam heat transfer sticker, flocking heat transfer sticker, glass bead heat transfer, reflective heat transfer, 
pure gold / silver onion heat transfer, etc. Both types of heat transfer are low temperature heat transfer.
It is widely used in clothing fabrics, leather, EVA, luggage bags, hats and craft gifts.
Advantages of thermal heat transfer are: colorful, gradient can be done, fast delivery speed, high-grade
surface smoothness.

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