Heat transfer vinyl

Our family's main products are heat transfer lettering films. The product series are: 
PU heat transfer vinyl, PVC heat transfer vinyl, glitter heat transfer vinyl, reflective heat transfer vinyl, 
luminous lettering films, flock heat transfer vinyl, metallic lettering films, etc. Hot film products.
Guangfan is used for:
1. Sportswear, especially football clothes, basket clothes;
2.T-shirt for cotton and polyester.
3. Hats, like sports hats, hats
4. School bags, such as school bags, handbags, etc.
5. Shoes: sneakers, canvas, etc.
6. Craft gifts.
Our thermal transfer lettering film series are rich in products and many colors. We can develop
patterns and renderings according to customer requirements, environmentally friendly and washable,
and good waste disposal. Suitable for laser and carving machine engraving. Different new products
will be developed every month Come out to meet customer needs.

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