High-speed cotton digital printing machine is the direction, cost and stability are worrying

by:angelacrox     2021-08-17
Digital printing machines are not the same. This is one of the main reasons why cotton direct-injection digital printing machines have not been popularized in a large area. Although high-speed cotton direct-injection digital printing machines have emerged in recent years, the price and stability are still worrying. The reasons are as follows: 1. The imaging method needs to be refined. In general, the print quality of the current printed products printed with high-speed cotton direct-injection digital printing machines, whether in black and white or in color, continues to be on par with traditional offset printing. But for some demanding printed products, the high-speed direct-injection cotton printing machine needs to be strengthened. From the perspective of imaging methods, the high-speed cotton direct-injection digital printing machine technology relies on the number of dots to present gradation. It can also be understood as the use of dots to reproduce images, similar to the frequency modulation screening technology in traditional printing technology. Anyone who knows printing knows that in the traditional printing process, the amplitude modulation screening technology is more commonly used, that is, the size of the dots is used to complete the image presentation. Therefore, in high-speed inkjet printing technology, the size of the ink droplets ejected by the nozzles also determines the clarity and resolution of the image quality. If the ink droplets are too large, the pattern with gradual colors at the edges of the displayed image will also be affected by the The ink droplets are too large and the transition is not soft and the resolution is not high. Of course, all current high-speed cotton printing machine manufacturers are also continuing to overcome this technical problem. At the 2014 China International Exhibition, we also saw an inkjet printing equipment with an ink drop size of about 2 to 3 picoliters. From a technical point of view, the quality of the pattern printed by such an ink droplet size has a resolution of 1200dpi, which has reached the offset printing level. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the technical breakthrough of the high-speed cotton direct-injection digital printing machine. 2. The interaction between high cost and difficult promotion. As a new technology, high-speed cotton printing machine has not been widely used in China. At the same time, this cutting-edge and precise technology also requires a large amount of capital investment due to its own equipment and consumables, which makes it difficult for domestic printing companies to form large-scale applications. The high cost of use and the difficulty of promotion are wrestling with each other. At this time, the market environment is at the key node of the traditional printing industry that is severely impacted by digital media and is facing reshuffle. The smoke of price war has been diffused. At that time, the single cost of high-speed cotton direct-injection digital printing machine Even if it is only 2% higher than traditional printing, it is very difficult for end users to accept. In addition to this problem, the government is also required to support the green printing industry, and the technological research and development steps of equipment suppliers are larger and faster, and existing users are also required to use this technology to open up business orders that cannot be completed by traditional printing. Ensure their own profitability. 3. Equipment is not the most important link facing enterprises today. In the first few years of the digital printing industry, although the cost of equipment was high, there was also a large profit margin. It is true that if you have money to buy equipment, you can quickly pay back and make money. But with the popularization of technology, several of those who have the equipment first have really persisted to the end. Therefore, whether it is the beginning of an industry or the beginning of a technology, equipment can only be a stepping stone. However, what really supports the company in the follow-up is to rely on complete process control, suitable operation mode, and advanced pre-press and post-press technical support. If our high-speed cotton printing machine cannot connect to the entire system network, how can we quickly complete the short-run printing business? Therefore, after stabilizing the equipment investment, Hucai stepped up the research and development of the workflow software. After two years of raising requirements and changing procedures, it finally completed the first version of the process software last year. The high-speed cotton direct-injection digital printing machine has attracted the attention and attention of many people in the industry since its inception. In the actual application process, we also admit that whether it is technology, promotion, or corporate positioning, domestic printing companies are still going On a groping road. We also have reason to believe that as long as more people support and develop more application areas, high-speed inkjet printing technology can be used more quickly in the domestic printing market.
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