How about digital direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
Everyone’s first impression of digital direct inkjet printers is that the cost of printing on dark fabrics is high. Indeed, for an A4 size pattern, if it’s dark fabric, the cost of the pre-treatment liquid and ink is only four. Five yuan, compared with the cost of a few cents per piece of traditional hand-printing, based on the current market conditions, such printing costs are unbearable in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian, let alone other regions. But the good news is that the price of white ink has plummeted, from 1,500 kilograms in the previous two years to about 800 at present. It is not a dream to drop to less than 500 in a year or two. By then, the cost of direct injection of a piece of clothing will be fine. It's less than 2 yuan. However, the cost of digital direct-injection light-colored fabrics is very low. Printing an A4 size pattern costs only three or four cents, which is close to the cost of traditional printing. 2. The printing effect is good. You can print gradient colors. Anyway, you can give a picture to the digital direct printing machine. It can spray it out for you, but the traditional manual printing is not good. Many printing factory bosses are talking about the current order. Basically, they are all digital sheets, and they cannot be printed by hand. Indeed, it's time to take a break. 3. Simple operation. In addition to retouching pictures by PHOTOSHOP, the operation of the digital direct injection machine has no threshold and can be learned in half a day. The operator only needs to keep collecting and spreading, unlike manual printing, a skilled master There are no eighty to ninety million dollars, so you can't invite them. 4. When printing, the environmentally friendly and pollution-free digital direct-injection machine can truly be water-free, volatile, odor-free, and zero-emission. Therefore, it is very environmentally friendly. NS.
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