How about Epson UV printer

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
The price of UV printers is still quite high. Although its nozzle life has been criticized, its price advantage and precision effect advantage can completely offset this shortcoming. 1. Efficiency: How is the efficiency of Epson UV printers? Two Epson 4720 nozzles can print 18 square meters in one hour. This efficiency is common among UV printer nozzles. Except for Kyocera, no nozzle has a higher efficiency than 4720. Even if the Epson 10th generation nozzle is used, its speed It's also a small Ricoh GH2220. 2. How about the precision of Epson UV printer? The 5760*2880DPI printing accuracy of Epson's fifth-generation nozzles can only be killed by other nozzles. Take the Kyocera nozzle with higher printing accuracy, its printing accuracy is barely catching up with Epson's lowest-precision tenth-generation nozzles, and other Epson nozzles. The nozzle is even more incomparable. 3. Life What is the life of Epson UV printer nozzles? This has indeed been criticized by people, but its low price has greatly offset its life-span disadvantage, and its service life of about one year is relatively short compared to industrial nozzles. An Epson tenth generation nozzle is only a thousand dollars. , An Epson 4720 nozzle is only 3,000 yuan, no matter how it is calculated, its operating cost is unlikely to be higher than the industrial nozzle.
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