How about the domestic brand cotton cloth digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-15
In the short term, the digital printing machine still cannot perfectly combine the two aspects of printing process and mechanical design, and there are some defects, which results in the production of all-cotton digital cloth printing machines that are not suitable for the actual needs of printing enterprises. Therefore, the current market strongly appeals for the development of a truly practical and easy-to-use cotton digital cloth printing machine that can replace imported quality, at a reasonable price, so as to reduce the ever-increasing labor cost and improve the quality and grade of printed products. With the continuous development and progress of technology, and the perfection and breakthrough of production and production, Yanyan Technology has introduced international advanced technology in China, and combined with the traditional printing industry technology, successfully developed a new generation of textile printing equipment to replace imports, greatly reducing The production cost has improved the work quality and efficiency of the printing industry.
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