How about the Japanese Brother brand digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
The most efficient among digital printing machines. 1. Is the operation of the Japanese Brother digital printing machine easy? In the small direct-injection digital printing machine, the ease of operation of the Japanese Brother brand machine is considered to be better, especially when printing dark cloth, it is better than domestic direct-injection digital printing when making pictures. The machine is convenient and relatively easy. 2. How is the effect of the Japanese Brothers digital printing machine? The brother's machine uses an industrial nozzle, but its effect is not much different from that of an Epson nozzle machine that is good at precision. Its color fastness and hand feel have good performance. 3. What is the efficiency of the Japanese Brothers digital printing machine? Because it uses an industrial nozzle configuration, its efficiency is quite impressive. It kills A3 (1800, R2000), A2 (4880), A1 (7880) these Epson modified minicomputers, but the efficiency is lower than that of the 4720 nozzle. 6090 T-shirt printing machine.
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