How about the Ricoh 6090UV printer?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
How about the 6090UV printer? This kind of machine uses small Ricoh print heads, and the printing effect is not bad, but the efficiency is too low and the cost performance is not high. Why is Ricoh 6090UV printer not cost-effective? 1. The cost is small. The Ricoh print head is monochromatic. If you want to produce white and color at the same time, you need at least 5 nozzles, one white ink nozzle, and 4 color ink nozzles. However, it is difficult to white ink with this configuration, so at least 6 Nozzle, if you use varnish, you need to add another nozzle, that is, 7 nozzles, a small Ricoh nozzle is about 3000, and the nozzle alone is 21000, while the 6090UV printer with Epson 10th generation nozzles only needs 3 nozzles. It can achieve the same output of white color varnish, and 3 Epson 10th generation nozzles do not exceed 3,000 yuan. 2. Efficiency The speed of the Ricoh 6090UV printer is too slow, and its printing area per hour can hardly exceed 4 square meters. As far as the common nozzles on the market are concerned, it is difficult to find a slower nozzle. And its stability has always been criticized. 3. Accuracy Ricoh 6090UV printer has relatively large nozzle holes, so its ink dots are thicker. Naturally, its accuracy is naturally inferior to Epson nozzles. Its only advantage is that its service life is slightly longer than that of Ai Runsheng tenth generation nozzles.
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