How does the cotton digital printing machine print patterns on cotton?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
How does the digital printing machine print patterns on cotton cloth: 1. Typesetting is simply processing the pictures to be printed in the computer. This requires a certain picture processing basis. If you want to operate the cotton printing machine, the basics of photoshop The operation is necessary. 2. The pre-treatment liquid of sizing is used for brightening. Because the white cloths on the market are not very white, they are actually light yellow, so if you want a cotton digital printing machine to print a very bright image on the white cloth If it does, it needs a pre-treatment liquid with brightening effect to assist. 3. The digital printing is done automatically by the cotton printing machine, which is foolish, so I won't repeat it. 4. The ink sprayed out by the cotton digital printing machine for color fixation does not go through high temperature, and the color fastness is very poor, and it will be washed off. After high temperature, the ink has a very strong adsorption capacity, and the color will not fade after washing. The degree can reach level 4. Is there a very simple look?
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