How does the roller sublimation digital printing machine print and the process flow

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
A new era of digital printing machines. The roller sublimation digital printing machine is a new type of textile machinery, which plays a pivotal role in the printing industry. The drum sublimation digital printing machine is one of the thermal transfer printing machinery and equipment. The printing process of the drum sublimation digital printing machine requires the cooperation of the digital printing machine and the drum machine to complete. The following is a brief introduction to the operation process of the cylinder sublimation digital printing machine by the editor of Yanyan. ①It uses the principle of thermal transfer printing to design the predetermined pattern through the computer. ②The sublimation ink on the digital printing machine is sprayed onto the thermal transfer paper, and the printed transfer paper is called transfer printing paper. ③Then put the patterned side of the transfer printing paper close to the fabric to be transferred and send it to the roller thermal transfer machine for printing. ④ Use the principle of dye sublimation at 180℃-220℃ for transfer printing. The roller sublimation digital printing machine was invented for this reason. The standard operation process is like this. Through high temperature and high pressure, the sublimation ink on the transfer printing paper is transferred to the material fabric that needs to be printed, and the process is completed. The characteristics of the roller sublimation digital printing machine, the editor will take the roller sublimation digital printing machine produced by Yanyan as an example to introduce in detail. 1. The raw material used is generally transfer printing paper. Transfer printing paper can transfer the dye to the material to be transferred. The transfer rate is high, the color is bright, and it is flawless. It will not change the feel of the fabric after printing. The pattern, touched but there is no pattern, is simply perfect. 2. The cylinder sublimation digital printing machine starts the pressurizing device using the cylinder pneumatic pressurizing device, which will be adjusted according to the different transfer materials required, so that the transfer speed is faster and the color is more vivid. Pneumatic pressure also serves as a buffer and protects the blankets in the roller sublimation digital printing machine. 3. Adopt the work flow of three releases, two collections, and four releases and three collections. The “three releases and two collections” workflow is to put protective paper, transfer paper and fabric before printing, and to collect used protective paper and transfer after printing. Printing paper. The intelligent operation reduces the process of manual winding of protective paper and transfer paper, and rationally places waste paper, effectively using and planning the company's site. The difference between the 'four release and three collection' workflow and the 'three release and two collection' workflow is that it has two functions: double release transfer paper and fabric collection. The double paper feeding function is designed to make it convenient for the factory to change the transfer paper in time. 4. Unique roller design Yanyan applies 100% seamless tube roller. Both the inside and outside of the drum are precision lathes. The outer layer of the drum is finely polished, and the surface is plated with Teflon, which is anti-static, high temperature resistant and anti-sticky. The roller can choose a single-layer roller or a double-layer roller according to the diameter, to ensure that the temperature of each point is consistent, the transfer does not produce color difference, the product is clear and firm, and the color is permanent. 5. Can be customized according to customer requirements Yanyan is a digital printing factory specializing in the production of drum sublimation digital printing machines. It will be customized according to customer needs and requirements to meet customer demand for production, and the machine will be processed according to customer requirements. It is installed to meet the demanding printing factories, so that the drum sublimation digital printing machine purchased by the customer is more suitable for the customer.
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