How does the textile digital direct printing machine print?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-21
The steps of digital direct-injection machine printing textiles Application materials: cotton, linen, T-shirts, canvas, etc. Application industries: cotton, linen, T-shirt production, etc. Program description: computer plate making-material processing-positioning proofing-tooling positioning ( Tooling is optional)-batch output 1. Computer plate making: use drawing software (Photoshop/CorelDRAW) to process the size of the printed image and text; 2. Material processing: digital direct-injection machine textile material has better ink absorption effect, no need Special processing; 3. Positioning proofing: connect the digital direct printing machine, print the sample map on the platform, determine the position, and print the sample; 4. Batch output: according to the size of the material, design batch printing templates on the platform to improve work efficiency;
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