How far is the domestic cotton digital printing machine brand from globalization

by:angelacrox     2021-09-15
With the rapid development of digital printing machines, people have adapted to its existence and have begun to enjoy its technical products. Naturally, there are new expectations for its various aspects.  In the process of people's demand, the digital direct-injection cotton printing machine began to turn to 'greening'. The cotton digital printing machine directly installs the dye solution in a special box and sprays it on the fabric as needed, which is neither waste nor waste water pollution. It eliminates the dye solution discharged from the printing machine in the slurry room and achieves no pollution in the printing process.   Most of the domestic digital printing factories have actually realized the greening problem of cotton digital printing machines, but there are actually very few companies that can really start to solve them, and the limited technological level is the main problem. European digital direct-injection cotton printing machines have always been at the forefront of the global digital inkjet printing industry. They are the largest demand and production site for cotton digital printing machines. The perfect and mature technical level has helped their digital inkjet printing have penetrated into design, clothing, Textiles in various fields such as home textiles, car decoration, advertising, personalized customization, and online shops.   If domestic enterprises want to expand the digital direct-injection cotton printing machine, while actively expanding the market, they should also increase their research and development efforts to produce green products that meet the characteristics of the times, narrow the gap between domestic and foreign, and truly globalize.
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