How is the heat transfer film produced

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
Modern science and technology are constantly improving. No matter what kind of product industry, the thermal transfer film will be used. When was the thermal transfer film produced? What kind of market is there?
my country's infusion packaging container materials have gradually transitioned from glass bottles to flexible packaging materials. With the rapid development of non-PVC infusion bags in the third generation of packaging materials, the consumption of PVC and non-PVC infusion bags has increased sharply. According to incomplete statistics, there are only 3 billion non-PVC products in my country, and the market capacity and potential are huge. However, for a long time, the heat transfer film products suitable for PVC and non-PVC infusion bags are all imported, and the price remains high. However, there is no domestic manufacturer on a large scale. Substitution of imports is imperative. This will not only bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises, but also save foreign exchange for the country and bring good social benefits.
At present, the annual demand for domestic infusion products in my country is 4.7% in soft bags (PVC, non-PVC) packaging, and it accounts for more than 95% in developed countries such as the United States. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, this proportion is also rising, and thermal transfer film as a consumable for infusion bags also has a very broad market space.
The current thermal transfer technology is more convenient and reliable, and it maintains stability under certain conditions, strengthens the technical performance of the product, makes the graphics clearer, and improves the efficiency quickly.

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