How is the relief effect printed?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
Can a digital direct jet machine change the ink thickness? How to set it up? The pattern effect printed by Yanyan direct-injection machine is completely set by itself, which is why the digital direct-injection machine can print embossing effect. One principle is the accumulation of white ink, and the other is the setting of printing times. Adjusting the thickness of the ink mainly depends on three factors:   1, the type of material and the background color If the surface of the material is soft, the gap is large, and the background color of the material is darker, you need to increase the amount of ink by 20%-40%; 2. Requirements for printing pictures If the color of the picture is darker and the color requirements are more brilliant, the thickness of the ink needs to be increased appropriately;    3. Other special requirements If the embossed 3D effect is pursued, the thickness of the ink needs to be increased. To change the thickness of the ink, you can use the method described below.   In the printing software, you can set the percentage of the inkjet volume, and you can also set the number of printing passes to change the ink thickness. The advantage of this is that on the one hand, it can save ink, on the other hand, it can improve the quality of printing. The printer increases the thickness of the set ink, and an auxiliary function is the percentage of feathering. Usually it is between 0% and 200%. If the pattern printed by the system is more delicate and richer in color, you need to turn on the feathering function. The larger the value, the better the printed effect. Similarly, it will also reduce production. The speed is determined according to the actual needs of users.  The printing resolution is an important parameter to measure the quality of the final printing effect. It is generally expressed by dpi. Of course, the higher the value, the better. The resolutions of common printers are 720×720dpi, 720×1440dpi, 720×2880dpi. You can adjust the resolution according to the printing mode you choose.  The thickness of the ink is set for the digital direct inkjet printer, not the thicker the better, and if the setting is unreasonable, it will affect the color quality of the print. Up to now, the market for digital direct injection machines is still expanding. The IT industry, advertising industry, and the art market are constantly expanding. The latest research shows that digital direct injection machines may be applied in the medical industry because of research. It is found that the uv printer can print out human knee periosteum in the future, which will bring great happiness to everyone. We believe that the digital direct injection machine will usher in a larger market share.
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