How long can the life of the nozzle of the digital printing machine generally reach?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
The mechanical design of digital printing machine manufacturers is relatively reasonable. Under these two prerequisites, it is common for an Epson print head to be used for about a year. 2. How long can the service life of Xingguang industrial nozzles generally reach? Starlight industrial sprinklers are often used on large digital printing machines. Starlight sprinklers have the characteristics of large orifice diameter and non-destructive all-steel structure. Their service life is significantly longer than that of Epson sprinklers. They are under normal maintenance and digital printing. When the mechanical structure of the machine is reasonably designed, the service life of a Xingguang 1024 industrial nozzle is about 2 years. Moreover, because the Xingguang Industrial sprinkler head adopts an all-steel structure, it is possible to repair the sprinkler head by using ultrasonic cleaning when the sprinkler head is clogged. There are many factors that affect the life of the digital printing machine nozzle. The design life and material of the nozzle determine how long its natural life is, but the maintenance and operation in the later use process really determine the actual life of the digital printing machine nozzle. Therefore, the life of the nozzle is actually greatly related to our maintenance and normal operation.
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