How long can the service life of the guide belt direct-injection digital printing machine be used?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
The research and development capabilities of digital printing machine manufacturers are related to the materials used. It is easy to use it for more than five years if it is reliable, and it is hard to say if the quality is poor. The design life of the belt direct-injection digital printing machine is about ten years, which means that the main body of the belt direct-injection digital printing machine can be used for more than ten years under the condition of scientific maintenance, such as the frame, the main board, the servo, and the circuit. Wait, these are not vulnerable to use for more than ten years is no problem, some vulnerable parts can be replaced, so it does not affect the service life of the machine. Here are some common wearing parts: 1. Sprinkler textile printing machines generally use Epson sprinklers with a lifespan of about one year. However, there is a premise that if the mechanical design is reasonable, if the mechanical design is unreasonable, The print head is easy to break and may not be used for a month, so the Ru0026D strength of the digital printing machine manufacturer is very important. 2. The ink path is also relatively vulnerable. It will be replaced in about a year or two. This is really no way. The movement of the drag chain back and forth and the ink tube are always rubbing. It is normal for a long time to wear out, but this is also very normal. Easy to change. 3. Belts, grating strips, belts, and grating strips are also vulnerable parts. Generally, it is okay to use them for more than two years. If they fail, they can be replaced directly, which is also very convenient. 4. Screw rods, guide rails, and racks are the core components, and their life can be long or short. One is related to the materials used by the manufacturer of the direct-injection digital printing machine for the guide belt, and the other is related to maintenance. The choice is relatively large, some are cheap, some are expensive, some are of good quality, some are of poor quality, imported or domestic, and the life accuracy of different sources is also different. I have encountered a black-hearted manufacturer, and it is less than a year. The core components will wear out, and the direct impact is that the printing accuracy is greatly reduced. After encountering conscientious manufacturers, the printing accuracy is still within the acceptable range after more than five years. Then there is maintenance. No matter how good the material is, it will be useless to maintain it from time to time, and problems will occur after a long time.
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