How much does it cost to invest in a small T-shirt printing machine for personalized customization online?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-09
The market price of T-shirt printing machines is around 30,000. Let's just count it at 30,000. 2. Printing machine consumables: if you bought a digital printing machine, you still need consumables. A set of consumables is calculated by one liter for each color. The current market price of color ink is generally around 400 yuan/liter, and the price of DuPont white ink At 1,400 yuan/liter, a set of ink contains one liter of CMYK and one liter of DuPont white ink for each color of CMYK, which is about 3000. It also needs a little processing fluid and cleaning fluid, which is about 500 yuan. These are the consumables. Yes, a set is about 3500 yuan. 3. Auxiliary equipment: There is a garment printing machine and consumables. This requires a device to fix the color, otherwise the printed clothes will lose color, just use an ordinary pressing machine to fix the color, simple, durable and cheap , 2000 or so is enough, there is on Taobao, package delivery to home. 4. Blank shirts: T-shirt printing machines, consumables, and color fixing equipment are also available. You have to buy some blank shirts for inventory, otherwise, if someone else places an order, you will find the manufacturer to ship it to you. Ah, when the toss comes back, the customer has no patience to withdraw the order. We will count the blank shirts at 200 to 500 pieces, and a blank shirt is only about 10 yuan. This inventory is about 6000, let's count at 6000 for the time being. 5. Rent: As for the renter's exemption, it can be done at home. Since it is sold online, others can't afford to spend hundreds of travel expenses to go to your place to investigate for a shirt that costs hundreds to ten dollars. 6. Working capital: Since you start a business, you have to keep some working capital, just in case you need to spend some money urgently, such as carefully breaking the nozzle of a digital printing machine, not too much, it's about 10,000 enough. Calculated in this way, printing machine 30,000 + consumables 3500 + pressing machine 2000 + inventory 6000 + mobile emergency reserve of 10,000, with an over 50,000, it is almost ready to start the project.
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