How much influence does the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine have on the apparel digital printing industry?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-04
On top of T-shirt printing machines, there are even many printing manufacturers introducing advanced digital printing equipment and technology at any cost to improve environmental pollution and increase production capacity. The economic and social benefits brought by digital printing have also had a profound impact on the textile industry. Take the Yanyan direct-injection T-shirt printing machine as an example. The printing does not need to be plate-made in advance, and the whole process is quite simple. As long as the pictures are repaired, the machine can perform printing step by step. Moreover, its printing speed is also very fast, it can reach an output of about 200 pieces per hour, and it only takes more than ten seconds to print a finished product, which is basically the same as the efficiency of manual printing! Moreover, the printing effect of Yanyan direct jet T-shirt printing machine is also unmatched by hand printing. It can accurately restore the pattern on the fabric, and has higher three-dimensionality, higher washing fastness, brighter colors, and light fastness. Better and softer. In addition, many digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines can also make printing samples faster and easier, giving printing manufacturers unparalleled competitiveness, quicker to produce samples, and quicker to take orders! Whether in terms of speed, printing effect, or productivity and environmental protection, the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is the last revolutionary upgrade of printing technology. It has a milestone significance in the printing and dyeing industry. The high-quality choice of Century Printing.
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