How much is a heat transfer machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
Digital printing machine, digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, cloth printing machine, etc. PS: This article only introduces issues related to the price of large thermal transfer machines. For the price of a small heat press machine, please click the price of a small digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. For related questions, please click how much a garment T-shirt printing machine is a large industrial-grade digital direct-injection machine. Please click on the T-shirt printing machine quotation. Yanyan’s editor below will introduce the price of the thermal transfer digital printing machine: Model quotation remarks how much is a 1.6-meter wide thermal transfer machine is 35,000 yuan per set, the price is double The price of the domestic head configuration of the 5113 printhead, the printing speed is 40-50 yards an hour, and it can also be used for 3 5113 printheads, the printing speed is about 60 yards, and it can also be used as four Epson fifth-generation printheads or starlight industrial printheads. The price is customized Need to contact our customer service consultation. We can also customize heat transfer machines with imported heads such as Muto, Mimaki, Epson, etc. according to customer requirements. How much is a 1.8m wide heat transfer machine? How much is a 40,000 yuan 2.4-meter wide heat transfer machine? 60000 yuan 3 meters wide heat transfer machine how much is 80,000 yuan
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