How much is a small T-shirt printing machine? T-shirt printing machine manufacturers offer

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
T-shirt printing machines are more expensive, generally more than 150,000, and there are more than 1 million, which can be considered for good money. Of course, its printing effect, quality, and after-sales service are absolutely worthy of this price. The domestic small T-shirt printing machine is relatively cheap: 1. Seven to eight thousand yuan are generally modified by Epson A4 machines, suitable for street stalls, slow speed, high failure rate, and don't expect the effect to be better. More than 20,000 pieces are usually modified by Epson machines with 6-color print heads. White ink does not print white, and clothes printed on light-colored fabrics are OK. Don’t even think about T-shirts printed on dark-colored fabrics. The speed is also slow and malfunctions. The rate is also high, and if the budget is low, you can just play around. 3. About 30,000 or so are generally made by Epson's 8-color print head machines (of course there are exceptions, 6-color toy machines are sold at this price, and there are also black-hearted merchants), the effect is very good, and there is a little gap between the effect of the imported machine, but It's not too obvious, you can consider making boutique or positioning high-end clothing. A dryer is needed to fix the color when matched with the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. Generally around 2000, each color of CMYK ink is less than 2000, and DuPont white ink is less than 1500. The pretreatment liquid and cleaning liquid are cheap. , One or two hundred and one liter. Putting it all together, if you count the whole set, you can get around 35,000.
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