How much is a T-shirt printed on a digital direct printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
Except for the nozzle, the loss of the T-shirt printing machine is negligible. Light-colored T-shirt printing cost: At present, the cost of printing light-colored fabrics on digital direct-injection printing machines is relatively low. It is about 0.4 yuan to print a T-shirt. Such a low cost is mainly due to the maturity of domestic ink and the fierce industry. Competition, so the price of textile color ink is relatively low, it can be said to be civilian prices. And because the T-shirt printing machine does not need white ink to print the T-shirt, if you want a more vivid effect, you can use a brightening pre-treatment liquid, and the cost of the treatment liquid for light-colored pure cotton fabrics is also Very low, the price of a liter is only one hundred ten dollars, and one liter can spray at least four to five hundred pieces of clothes, so even if you count this cost, the cost of printing a light-colored T-shirt does not exceed seven cents. Dark T-shirt printing cost: The printing cost of a digital direct-injection printer for dark fabrics is more expensive. The cost of a digital T-shirt printer to print a T-shirt is about 5 yuan, and the printing of dark fabrics requires white ink. , The cost is mainly concentrated on the base white ink. The price of imported DuPont white ink is about 1,500 yuan/liter. Domestic white ink is currently not stable, and the fluency and whiteness are far behind DuPont white ink. It is easy to block the head, so the current textile white ink is basically monopolized by the DuPont family, so its price remains high. At present, the large-scale cotton T-shirt printing in the factory generally uses silk-screen white background combined with digital printing to reduce the printing of dark fabrics. Cost, the cost of printing a single T-shirt is about seven cents, but this process is not environmentally friendly and will be eliminated sooner or later. I believe that in time, domestic white ink will be as mature as domestic color ink, and dark fabrics will be produced by then. The cost of digital direct-injection printing will be close to the civilian price.
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