How much is the leather inkjet printer and the price of the leather printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
The leather printing machine is a different concept. The traditional leather printing machine is cheaper, but it has been gradually eliminated due to pollution problems. How much is an environmentally friendly digital leather inkjet printer? There are three types of leather printing machines: flatbed machine, mesh belt machine, and belt guide machine. 1. Flatbed machine. Flatbed machine is a flat leather digital inkjet printer. It is a more common type of leather printing machine. It is more used for small area leather printing such as leather shoes and football pieces. Leather inkjet printers like this pay more attention to The effect, precision, and efficiency are generally not too high. Among them, the 1.2*2.5 meter format is mostly. The price of this leather printing machine is relatively low. A leather inkjet printer like this is about 90,000 yuan. 2. Mesh belt machine Mesh belt machine is also a coil leather inkjet printer. This leather printing machine is also cheaper. It is mainly used for inkjet printing on rolls of leather. It has higher efficiency. In the early days, solvent inks were mostly used. Now they are turning to UV printing. Yes, a digital leather inkjet printer with a width of 1.8 meters is about 90,000 yuan, which is very cost-effective. 3. The belt machine is a fighter in the leather printing machine. This leather printing machine is more expensive. Ricoh G5 industrial nozzles are mostly configured, with higher efficiency and a wider printing range, such as coils, cut pieces, irregular leather, PET film, etc. can be printed, such a digital inkjet printer costs more than 360,000 yuan.
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