How much is the leather printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
Leather printing machines have now become the main equipment for leather printing. How much leather printing machines cost has become one of our important considerations when purchasing machines. The three elements of model, configuration and effect are closely related to the price of leather printing machines. 1. The leather printing machine can be divided into three types in general, namely flatbed machine, mesh belt machine, and guide belt machine. The market price of flatbed machine is about 80,000 yuan per set. Mutoh leather is famous for its stability and high precision. The printer is a representative model. The price of the domestic leather printing machine with Epson spray configuration is similar to that of the Muto machine. The domestic machine is less stable than the Muto machine, but its performance is far better than that of the Muto machine. The accuracy and effect are actually similar. Leather mesh belt The price of the printing machine and the flatbed machine is about 80,000 yuan per unit, and the price of the tape guide is a lot more expensive, generally more than 150,000 yuan per unit. The above price is the price of Epson print head configuration, so how much is a leather printing machine for industrial print heads? The configuration item will be introduced in detail below. 2. The leather printing machine has two nozzle configurations, Epson and Ricoh. If the configuration of the same model is changed to Ricoh G5 industrial nozzle, the price will almost double, such as the price of flat leather printing machine with Ricoh industrial nozzle. About 160,000, the price of a 1.8-meter Ricoh print head mesh belt machine is more than 160,000 yuan, and the price of a Ricoh print head belt leather printing machine is more than 320,000 yuan. Then, in addition, the leather of other industrial nozzles How much is a printing machine? The price of the machine configured by Kyocera is extremely expensive, more than three times that of Ricoh's industrial nozzle configuration, and Seiko, Toshiba, etc. are about the same as Ricoh. 3. The effect is also one of the main factors that determine the price of leather printing machines. The effects of leather printing machines on the market are uneven. The ones that can truly be wear-resistant without cracking are really rare. Yanyan is one of them, so one is wear-resistant. The non-cracking leather printing machine is extremely rare. The price of this machine can generally be sold for more than twice the price of the same configuration. So what other factors affect the cost of a leather printing machine? There are also some, such as: brand, quality, mechanical design, etc.
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