How much is the price of a garment printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
The model of the garment printing machine, according to the size and efficiency, can be divided into large, small and industrial grade garment printing. Small garment printing machines are suitable for users who do not require high production capacity, such as the common A3, 6090, 6015 These models are all small garment printing machines. Large garment printing machines are suitable for printing factories and garment factories. For example, the common 1.2-meter-wide or 1.6-meter-wide treadmill digital printing machines belong to the category of large-scale garment printing machines. The garment printing machines with industrial nozzles are generally large-scale machines, and this type of machine generally belongs to the category of industrial-grade garment printing machines. Let's introduce the price of garment printing machine in detail below. 1. How much is a small garment printing machine? The configuration of the small garment printing machine is lower, the machine is also smaller, and the speed is slower, so the price of the small garment printing machine is also lower. A3 garment printing machine is 32,000 yuan, 6090 garment printing machine is about 48,000, 6015 garment printing The price of the machine is about 65,000. This price is the average price in the current market, and the prices of different manufacturers have some differences. 2. The price of large-scale garment printing machine The large-scale garment printing machine is generally 1.2 or 1.6 meters wide, the standard length is 3 meters or 6 meters long, the configuration of Epson dual industrial nozzles, the current market average price of 3 meters is about 80,000, 6 meters long The price of the garment printing machine is about 100,000, and it can be lengthened. The price of each additional meter is about 4000~5000. The high configuration generally adopts the configuration of 4 Epson industrial nozzles, and the price is about 20,000 higher than that of 2 nozzles. 3. How much is an industrial-grade garment printing machine? The price of an industrial-grade garment printing machine is much higher than that of a large-scale garment printing machine. For example, the price of a garment printing machine with 4 Xingguang 1024 industrial nozzles is about 400,000, and the price of a garment printing machine with 8 Xingguang industrial nozzles is more than 500,000.
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