How much is the price of leather printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-26
The price of a leather printing machine is 80,000 yuan, and the price of a leather coil printing machine with Epson industrial nozzles is about 80,000 yuan. The more common model of small leather printing machine is 6090, 60*90cm printing frame, 6~8 square meters/hour printing speed, which can fully meet the small batch leather printing processing or personalized customization. Epson nozzle configuration 6090 The price of a leather printing machine is about 50,000 yuan, and the price of a small Ricoh configuration is about 70,000 yuan. Generally, it is not recommended to use a small Ricoh configuration, except that the nozzle life is slightly longer, and the printing precision and speed are far inferior to the configuration of the Epson nozzle. The format of the Muto leather printing machine is generally 1.2*3 meters. This kind of machine has high printing precision, stable and reliable quality, and high cost performance. It is suitable for large quantities of leather shoe material printing, football printing, handbag printing, etc. This kind of leather printing The price of the machine is about 80,000 yuan. The first two are flat leather printing machines, which are mainly used to print leather pieces. The leather printing on horses requires a coiled leather printing machine. The width of this machine is generally about 1.8 meters, and there are more nozzle configurations. At present, there are more three configurations, Epson fifth-generation nozzle, Epson industrial nozzle, Ricoh industrial nozzle, the price of the coil leather printing machine of Epson fifth-generation nozzle is about 1 million yuan, and the machine price of Epson industrial nozzle is about 90,000 yuan. The machine price of Ricoh's industrial nozzle is about 200,000 yuan per unit. It is recommended to use Epson's industrial nozzle configuration, which is cheap, fast, and has a super cost-effective.
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