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by:angelacrox     2020-05-31
From handmade flowers to wildlife
Embrace fall\'s bold men\'s trendA printed shirt features a variety of features that can take you from work meetings to bars and make some small style adjustments here and there.
This is how you use it and style, which makes the costume different.
From Gucci\'s animal alchemy to Van Norten\'s painting style to Prada\'s graphic images --
The landscape of luxury is filled with souls
Hot stamping lets you become rock stars dandy and Moody\'s poet at the same time.
A typical example is the product of H & M x Erdem collab, which is separated in the form of a pajamas format and a cool nylon sweatshirt.
Autumn 2017 looks like a plush tapestry of tropical and abstract leaves.
Let\'s take a look at what our style arbitrators have to say. . .
Akshay Tyagi, a Bollywood star stylist, loves the laid back feel of a printed shirt.
He said, \"it is versatile and helps people to be relaxed and stylish or to give out the atmosphere of dressing up.
A neatly buckled shirt with beautiful crisp trousers always works wonders.
But an interesting way to go with a floral print shirt is to extract the color from the print and get unusual shades to complement the look.
He added, \"the sophisticated leather or suede jacket and printed shirt give a fun game of hard and soft, a great story!
\"Sandeep Gonsalves, Co-
Founder SS Homme pointed out, \"stay away from the classics and everything in this season is for the fun of prints and patterns to help you create a unique ensemble.
The printed shirt can effortlessly transition from a formal look to a casual look. This multi-
The purpose elements of men\'s wear can be matched with a pair of jeans/jeans to stay casual, or a pair of trousers and a plain double bed jacket to prepare for those important corporate meetings.
Layering makes it easy to make it formal.
He warned, \"Keep in mind that printed shirts need to be paired with regular jackets and pants to stay stylish and minimalist.
If you want to go to the beach, you can match the printed shirt with classic Bermuda or shorts.
If it is a party, the best option is to match the cardigan (
Depending on the weather)
And a pair of smart chinks.
Designer Aniket Satam said, \"recently, a printed shirt --
May be a floral, leopard, or session print
A page in a well
Tailored suits reflect confidenceyet-
The wearer has a good personality and is not free to joke loudly.
When it is combined with a formal suit like a wool jacket or trousers, choose more graphics and geometric patterns, if you choose flowers, go for a vintage little tune or anything with a dark flower language.
For a brunch outing, choose a faded or pastel tone with eggshells, natural colors, or tan chinos.
When layered on the print, the printed shirt can be interesting, such as the flower language with Plaid, the dot with Plaid, the leopard with jacquard.
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