How to check the printing accuracy of leather digital printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-14
The precision of the leather printing machine is high, the machine is OK, otherwise, the precision of this equipment is questionable, pass directly. 2. The software must be able to provide color ICC and ICM curve software matching with the leather digital printing machine, as well as RIP software such as printing white ink. 3. Ink First of all, the ink used by the leather printing machine is different from the ink used in ordinary home or office. Secondly, the ink of the leather digital printing machine mainly needs to consider the following factors: 1. The ink is smooth and smooth, and will not block the nozzle of the leather printing machine. After half a month, the nozzle is still open. The ink with poor fluidity will be blocked on the same day when it arrives on the leather digital printing machine, and some of the blocking is very thorough, and you can’t clean it anymore. 2. The reducibility of the ink color can be compared with the printed image effect and the image on the monitor. The closer it is, the better the reducibility and vividness of the leather digital printing machine ink. Why is it said that it is closer, rather than exactly the same? Most of the displays used by customers are either liquid crystal displays or ordinary CRTs. Due to its working principle, LCD displays have deviations in color display, and sometimes the deviations are large. Therefore, it is recommended not to use LCDs in general. Ordinary CRTs can not achieve the same display effect on images, unless Professional CRT monitor, and professional settings related to leather printing machine, but the price is also more expensive.
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