How to check the printing effect of T-shirt printing machine?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-14
What is the printing effect of the T-shirt printing machine? As a brand-new digital printing equipment, many have heard of this machine for the first time, so they don't know how to check the printing effect of the comparison machine. In fact, it is also simple, many comparisons, whether the white ink is white enough, whether the ink color is black enough, hand wash, machine wash actual test. For people who are new to or exposed to direct printing machines, how to test the effect of T-shirt printing machine is a more difficult problem. There are two main points to test the effect of T-shirt printing machine. One is the printing effect and the other is the color fastness. , So how to detect these two items, please listen to the editor in detail: 1. Although there are many manufacturers of printing effect T-shirt printing machines, they are indeed mixed, and there are very few manufacturers with reliable quality and mature technology, so T-shirt printing machines from different manufacturers use the same fabric and the same pictures, but the results are very different. So what if the effect of printing is tested? 1. For the black and white blocks, just hit the two simplest color blocks, one white and the other black, to see if the white is white enough, the black is black enough, and the white is not white enough, then the printing effect of dark fabrics will definitely not be good. You can pass it off. If the black color block is a bit gray, then this one can also pass it off. If the craftsmanship is mature, the black color block will be very black. 2. Whether the color is bright enough and whether the color is bright enough, one is to compare with the original picture, and the other is to compare a few more, all the same pictures, the size of the pictures must also be the same, the same fabric, and then put them together for comparison, which The colors of the home are more vivid and clear at a glance. 2. Color fastness The T-shirt printing machine prints the clothes. This is only the first step. After washing, the color can be regarded as the finished product. Otherwise, the printed clothes will be washed off as soon as they are washed. So how to check the color fastness of T-shirt printer printing? The first is scraping. This is mainly used to test dark fabrics. First, use your nails to scrape. The strength should be moderate. It simulates the strength of some rubbing in normal life. If a scrape can reveal a piece of skin, The process is very immature. If the skin is slightly damaged or the color is not faded, then it can be passed, and then it is washed, hand-washed or machine-washed. First, soak it with detergent for one night, then wash it with mobile phone or machine to see if it will work. If it is too common, you can use the laundry detergent to test again. The same is to soak for one night, then wash, it will be OK if it does not fall off, and the color will fade, indicating that the process is not closed. For more questions about how to check the printing effect of the T-shirt printing machine, please add me to WeChat to discuss.
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