How to choose a cost-effective T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-14
T-shirt printing machines can print exquisite printing patterns, which is indeed very convenient. Therefore, many manufacturers will introduce machines instead of production. The price of T-shirt printing machines varies from tens of thousands to millions, so when choosing, it is natural to compare and find a machine that is cost-effective and meets the needs of the manufacturer. How to choose a T-shirt printing machine? Which brand of T-shirt printing machine is cost-effective? Yanyan will answer for you! Generally speaking, when choosing a T-shirt printing machine, you need to look at the machine's technology, performance, printing speed, printing accuracy, important parts and after-sales service. Because the stable performance of the machine can reduce the rejection rate, the fast printing speed can increase the manufacturer’s production speed, save the manufacturer’s labor cost, durable machine parts can increase the service life of the machine, and good after-sales service can solve the manufacturer’s production process Various problems encountered! Which brand of T-shirt printing machine is cost-effective? Yanyan is one of the few manufacturers in the world that integrates Ru0026D and manufacturing of digital textile printing machines and digital textile printing inks. The company’s equipment covers six series of industrial-grade high-speed direct-injection machines, including cloth printing machines, flatbed direct printing machines, treadmill digital printing machines, socks printing machines, leather printing machines, and UV printers. The printer speed ranges from 25 square meters per hour to 500 square meters per hour, different configurations and different grades to meet the different needs of different printing customers for digital printing proofing, digital printing on-demand production and digital printing mass production, while improving the production capacity of the manufacturer, it can also save as much as possible. The production cost of the manufacturer is a cost-effective choice for the manufacturer to print
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